Thursday, September 30, 2010


When I was a kid, my dad often buy a lot of toys for me.

When I was a kid, I will run and hug my mother whenever I hear the thunder.

The little boy that sits on his daddy neck.

The little boy that holds his mummy hand whenever they go out.

I believe that is the same for most of the people.
For me it is a lifelong passion for love.
Yet I didnt grow up to become a lover.

Many children who initially show the love to their parents are rejecting it as they grow older.

I believe that children are natural-born lovers. They are very simple minded and naive. And they arent afraid to admit and show their love to someone.

They are very honest, when they love you they show it to you in very obvious ways.

When they dont like you, they cry when you hug them.

Unfortunately, most of us lose this as we get older.

We become self-conscious, and we dont want to appear stupid to others by showing affection for our loved ones.

Instead of loving the way we should have. We choose to hide it.
We do things that are often misleading.
We act as if we love someone that we hate.
We act as if we dont love someone we love.

As people get older, from a child to a teen to an adult.

From a lovely child that everyone love, most people became rebellious, we occasionally became rude to our parents, do things to spite them. ( I don't blame them, its part of the teenage growing process)
When we get older, we tend to be busy with our own things.

When we see them, we hug them anymore.
We dont even say I love you now that we are educated and knows how to talk because of our parents hardwork and upbringing and ensures that we receive education.

Sometimes, when they ask you for help in something. You simply reject them with your 101 excuses.

We continue and continue to be busy with our own things.

Some of the kids grew up and ended in undesirable places. Some is doing well, and some, very well.

We keep getting busy with our own things, we keep ignoring them, we keep the love we have for them.

One day they left.

You cry, you regret.

You became emotional,

you tell yourself you didn't cherish them enough.

Yes, you didnt, we don't know what we have before we lose them.

This is the first time I am staying at home alone when my parents go overseas.

The bowl I used two days ago, remained in the sink.

Everynight my sister will help to wash the clothes, the next morning dry them.

And I will feed the fishes and water the plants and sweep the floor.

Without them, my life would be a lot harder.

I hope this entry will bring people who read it to

start loving your parents and everyone around you.


a heart that loves is always young.