Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hate myself

Dear blog,
It's been so long since I last wrote something on you that I nearly forgot my username and password for this blog.

Before I start writing anything.

Current emotion now: Troubled, Guilty.

Suddenly a sense of sadness rush into me.
Probably of the series of events that happened a few hours back

1st case:
I left first because it was getting late and I didnt send him back. Hope he doesn't gets into trouble outside. Sorry didn't accomplish my promise to AJ.

2nd case
I accidentally step onto an incense paper pasted on a wall just now. On the middle of the incense paper was a paper figurine. It looks really creepy and it reminds me of the lil ghost stories I've heard before.

Upon reaching home, I rush to wash up and sleep. Within 5 min, I dreamt that I raced with FL's evo and I crash to dodge a person crossing the road. The bike exploded. And I woke up.

Really very creepy.

3rd case,

I think my bike is scratch ;((

Probably only a very small scratch but my heart aches like mad.

Hopefully it's an dillusion.

I shall check tmr.

4th case,

Somewhere on my body is hurting real bad :(

5th case,

I suddenly thought of you.

I think I sucks. And I shouldn't have said all that nonsense.

Without me, you wouldn't have done it.

Without doing it, you can still be right here.

And I can tell you: iloveyou

Now it's too late to regret.

No it's not a quarrel, it's not a fight,

it's far worse than that.

It's irreversible.


I don't know why are all these haunting me tonight.

But I really can't sleep.

Thanks, for many people who always encourage me to do what I like.

Thanks, for having so much confidence in me.

Thanks, for complimenting me.

Thanks for telling me I'm smart.

It really really help a lot.

However, it's all just placebo. I am not wise.

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.

I don't. Period.