Sunday, January 10, 2010

Went to Nabin to Shesha and Vodka. Omg cherry flavour shesha taste horrible. Grape and green apple is much better. Vodka is even worse. -.-

I remember the last time I drank vodka is like a year ago at Kelvin's house lol. That time Annette and me is like drinking the whole bottle of that vodka without mixer on our own. She surprise me by drinking so much. Happening and very steady Annette hahaha thanks.

TODAY, I only drank a few cups of very strong Vodka and I feel like puking. I hate that taste.

I think I can only consume Martell. I cannot stand any other liquor. Will feel like vomit and go drunk easily.

So, after the Vodka, Headed down to Boat Quay to find someone. Just nice Saw Chew, Chew's GF and Alex when we reach.

SO, we went to drink together.



But I was very tired throughout.

Anyway, its exactly 54 days before I can enrol for 2a. Hopefully I don't get caught in the meanwhile. Hmmm, the more I ride RVF the more I like it. Today just pillion gideon past the 925 corner and "bleach" my slipper. Should have put my feet higher.

But its really dam nice to corner, Rvf is really a very good bike to play with.

However, I'm getting Fireblade due to financial restrictions.

Now the RVF is right under my house and I feel so like riding it but I'm a bit drunk right now. So I better not in case I crash that bike.

BSC members are a great bunch as well as humanlink people. All friendly peeps !

Sad thing is, its only a 9week attachment with them. After which I'll meet diff ppl.
But I believe we'll hang out even after the attachment right guys ?

I cut down a lot on smoking wise alr. Hopefully, Alan and Ryan won't jio me to smoke.

As I don't wanna waste their cigg and wanna quit eventually. Hope they quit with me as well !

And one more thing, I'm gonna eat like mad from now onwards.

Someone told me Charles must be fatter. LOL.

Hitting the gym tmr with Giddy ^_^


Hoping you can pinch me for the rest of your life, but its okay if you cannot do it.