Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its new year eve !

I remember last year this time.

Ny Solution. I sound so serious.

No smoking !

And I didnt do it.

And now I'm gonna say it again.

Hopefully next year this time I'm not smoking alr.

Anyway, Its new year eve and I still got work.

Thats the only solution to all my troubles !

Making myself busy. As busy as possible.

Afterwards BBQ at Alvin house and maybe Marina barrage =( with Francis and guys. Depends if they are hanging out till late.

Sad face to marina barrage not to you guys =)

Recently got some family problems. Hopefully it get resolved soon.

Same old problem exists. I'm gonna change it once I grow up I swear.

I dont wanna go back to the hungry life in the past.

I dont wanna save and scrimp every cent on food.

I dont wanna be always so broke and cannot go out.

I'm so gonna change all that.

Goodbye to the past.

Focus on the present.

Plan for the future.

Anyway, today's presentation I don't know why I received comments like 'fierce'.

Haha, maybe I'm always like that.

Dint prepare for anything. Go up and say whats on my mind.

I admit I was lost for words at the beginning of the presentation.

After a while I was talking non stop.

Hopefully that doesnt affect anything.

The final quote of my presentation. As well as the quote for today.

Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is the process.
Working together is success.

-Henry Ford

Lastly I wanna say, I HATE GOODBYES.

Theres so much more to say, but I wont say it now.



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