Sunday, December 13, 2009

I cant remember the last time I log on to

As you can see, its a new blogskin. Special thanks to Rachel MM !!

However, I still dont like it lei. hmmm well nvm.

Anw, its much of a personal diary rather den a public blog now.

As we can see, all my links are gone. So frens, kindly leave down ur link. I'll relink all of you one by one.

I dont wan this post to be a wordy post.

I have a lot of pictures to upload.!

Apparantly, the bluetooth device in this laptop seems to be missing and I do not have the required cable to transfer pics from my phone to this lappy.

Therefore, I unwillingly has to turn this post in a wordy one.

Will upload the pictures once my own lappy is repaired.

Luckily I survived the omen period, its time I start getting serious on my work, and most importantly, save money !

Today, being the last day of my holidays.

Attachment starts tmr MORNING !!!!

Hopefully, I'll meet a friendly bunch of peeps.

Hopefully BSC isnt as bad as I thought it would be.

It al boils down to the word 'HOPEFULLY'

Actually, optimistically thinking, its boils down to 'ME'

Whatever it is, just hope I get up my bed tmr.

Waiting for year 2010.

As usual, quit smoking, stop drinking blar blar blar

And can anyone let me ride or pillion me on a cbr400.

I wanna feel it.

I need to decide upon RVF or CBR!

Darn I miss my SP.

I miss you.

If you're my girlfriend, I promise I won't hurt you, if you're mine, I promise I'd be loyal to you, but you're only my friend and I can't promise I won't fall for you.


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