Sunday, December 27, 2009

CHRISTMAS 09 at Ritz Carlton.

Theme : Geeky outfit

Obviously, I didnt adhere to the rules on the first day.

I'm goddam hungry that day.

So happy when I saw KFC and Pizzas on the hotel table !

Beautiful scenery from the hotel view

What a wash room !

Its twice the size of my room or even bigger.

THis picture is just half of the toilet.

Bvlgari shampoo and body wash isnt that great. =(

We literally turn the hotel room to a club

And all of us were practically dancing inside half naked !

And We're not drunk at all !

Some Random photos during drinking.

Kids at NYP !

Acting nerd in TAKA

Mw say must post this, cause its a 2nd bday gift from him and wawa.
Thanks both of you !



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