Saturday, November 21, 2009

LOL NO MORE tag board. No more music. Someone teach me how to put can. LOL. I dunno how to use blogger's template

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bEFORE I start studying and using this laptop.





Monday, November 2, 2009

Artistic Toilet in St Regis

Wedding dinner

Sis =D

Swear the toilet at St Regis does not look like toilet at all

Looks more like their hotel room
You can totally sleep on the floor.
So clean!

Halloween is no big deal.

Went to watched Darah.

And that show is WTF.

Chopping each other non stop.

Scenes of violence, brutality and cruelity.

Sad thing is I do not know why must the movie include babies as well.

Why cant u just leave baby outta the picture MR DIRECTOR !?

Nyways if u hate gore movies better dont try this one.

Nights All =D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

And I am back to blog ! Hmmm, got a piece of good as well as a piece of bad news.

Good News is TP has drop the case of that accident.

Bad news is the TAXI Driver go back on his word and sue me now -.-

Hate him to the max, One small lil dent wan to claim 3k.

Anyway ytd rounding was bad.

It was cancelled because of the weather,

And I am dam sorry to Jeremy for waiting alone for me at dam !!

Despite the weather, Me and Co still went ahead.

Supposedly to eat, but it started pouring heavily out of a sudden.

Last day of rounding and it turns out like this.

Anyway, the sway part is here.

My bike's footrest drop on the road,

Meaning, no changing of gear -.-

Hence giddy help me to change the footrest from the brake to the gear side.

So no rear brakes, and I am used to it. So no problem.

Next up, Mw skidded !

Which also let out a scream, that makes u says OMG.

Well, luckily he dint fall.

Lastly, Xiao Liu DROP !!!

On the floor.

Wa heart pain for him.

So 31st October is a fcuking day with a fcuking weather !

AND it starting pouring super heavily !

I think my handphone is spoiling soon. Everytime I get drenched, my phone get drenched together with me.

So I hid my hp inmy helmet for fear that it will catch a cold -,-

Right, stop at one coffee shop at AMK to eat.

And I totally feel like a cake !

I am wearing a jacket and wet all over.

THe feeling SUX !


Den I got all so pissed that my day is spoiled lidat.

and its only 3am !

So we decided to go home despite the heavy rain.

Abandon our bikes.

Cab to BQ !!!

Martell with beer taste horrible.!

Thanks to you ah EVAN.

Well, I think the craziest thing of the night is opening a bottle of martell at 5.15am.

Lols, and finishing it in half an hour.

And the funnest part is, WE TOOK MRT HOME.

It takes forever to flag for a cab.

Everyone's snatching.

I suppose the whole MRT is looking at us throughout.

And oh well, Good Bye my LIL PRINCESS BABY !!

Time spend with my bike

When it was white



Those were the good memories I will never forget =)

Photos with alot of meanings

Love At First Sight