Monday, September 21, 2009

Due to the day wasted ytd on my bed, I woke up v early this morning.

Only to be seen using my computer.

And then I suddenly smelt something v strong coming from outside my room.

As I see my mother mopping the floor on the living room and slowly advancing into my room.

As she says very proudly.

Didi ah, this one is 'ka lat chiu'.

Ltr u sit on the chair dont step on the floor or ur feet will hurt.

Me: huh, whats 'ka lat chiu' ?!

Mother: H2SO4.

Me: What ?! Where did u buy H2So4 from ?

Den ltr I realise she is trying to tell me that it is 'Acidic'

AND I realise that she is stepping on the floor herself.

Ultra Cuteness.


End Of 1st Story =D

THeres another cute story I wanna share since a long time ago.

I got this student.

Who was dam it cute.

He have a big tummy but he looks good with it =D

And he basically tries to tells me everything that has happen in his life each time he sees me.

He will tell me who bully him in school,

Tell me that he is stupid BECAUSE he do not wanna do my homework.

Okay, wadever the case He will tell me all sorts of excuse just to avoid from those devilish homework that is awaiting him.

I remember the first time I see him, he likes to keep drinking water.

And I dunno how, but he will wet the whole table, making all my files, papers, books wet..

After he gets to know me for a while, he will change that supposedly 'only water allowed' rule to soft drinks..

Den he started to take off his shirt during my tuition to show me his cute tummy.

WHich sucessfully made me jealous.

After a while, he started asking his mother to buy bubble tea back for him.

Den from feeling wet, I feel sticky and wet.

AND den !

He started kneeling on the chair and leaning his entire weight on the table to do his work.


And he sure reminds me of WINNIE THE POOH .

He puts ALOT ALOT of honey into a bowl, and starting scooping them with a BIG SPOON.

And just sending them into his mouth scoop by scoop and looking at me timidly hahaha.

And maybe he is young [ pri 3 ]

His aiming a bit fail, his hands fail to coordinates.

His hand, which is holding the spoon, does not direct the spoon smoothly into the mouth.

Instead it will hit the lips, chin or the side of his mouth.

Making the area around his whole mouth to be covered with honey !

Each time that happens, I would tell him the bee will fly from outside his window to sting him to eat the money on his mouth.

He would blatantly believe it and rush to the toilet to wash up and den come back with alot of question AND ANOTHER BOWL OF HONEY.

HAHAHAHA, I totally cannot stand him LOL.

I remember there was once when the lesson has ended, He would bring out his toys, a transformer figurine.

And tell me santa clause gave it to him last year

Hey, Santa Clause dont exist.!

His reponse will be, Really, really really got santa clause one, if not my toy come from where?

Me: Ur parents bought them and put it into ur room, there is no santa clause in this world okay !

Him: If u dont believe me, its okay, you wont get any presents.

And my students really do believe that santa clause exist.

After 1 min of arguing with him, I realise that I can use santa clause to trick him.

Me: Ya, if u dont do my homework, santa clause will ignore u this year.

Him: Okok I do, If I all correct den I will get better presents right ?

Me: YES !




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