Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quite long nv blog alr.

Let me type something today .

Had been sleeping in the morning lately.

Due to whatsoever reason is not important.

But if this carries on I gonna die soon.

Been meeting up with QS and co almost every day.

Transformer Is A long and nice show though I dint quite concentrate on it.

Drag me to hell is a knn scary show but nice oso.

Both is worth ur money =DD

I forgot and am lazy to think about what I have did on other days.

So I am just gonna mention today's happenings.

Without my BIKE, I AM SO NOT USE TO IT !!!!!!!

I go where also take cab.


Its super funny, when i take a cab from yishun [700+] to yishun [800+]

It cost me freeaking about 9 dollars !!!

Thanks ah QS for offering to fetch me to tuition.

But nvm ah, dowan to trouble you.

After tuition, i from 200+ walk to 123.

Because It was not too far and I am afraid that the cab meter gonna play a prank on me again.

Was suppose to have another tuition but I cancelled it.

Saw Cass and co at 123 so sit down with them and chat a bit.

SHortly QS and co came,

ate there den........................................

I am sorry I ps u again!

Den went to town with Alvin to buy that Victoria Secrets Perfume.

Is so freaking hard to find,

CK tanks, Taka, Lucky Plaza ALL DONT HAVE !

In the end.....................

Still dint find it.

SO forget it, Dunno wad he bought in the end for his gf.

But 49 dollars.

V good bf, I like.

Run until town walk so many place just to buy one freaking thing.

Arbo u be my bf wan anot.

okay lame,

Den chat a bit.

DEn he send me back home.

To have my dinner.


Ok I ate a bit den ran out again.


I said I reach home, u still at woodlands,

haven 15 min reach my hus downstairs.!!!

Ok forget it I literally drank the whole bowl of macoroni 'dunno how to spell it'

Den I went down feeling 'CHOKED'

Went to VIVO,

Den Mount Faber.

Like finallly!!!

I say so long alr finally we go.

Den Woodlands,

Den L4D !!

Although lose a few match,

But overall,




GOOD NIGHTS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009



My wants seems to be hibernating. I will be completing them starting today. And den remove them one by one.

Friday, June 26, 2009

You will always be remembered

Was just talking about it last night.

I dunno why, but I just keep getting reminded.

I think a series of link-ed events happen as a warning before.

Its a goodbye gift.

However to some, its just a temporary gift.

To me, the gift is with u forever.

Its with u, in ur hearts and in our hearts.

Everywhere I go, I think of you.


Even my house, right now.

Like what KC mention.

Its too cruel a thing to accept.

The deadliest msg I can ever received.

The coldest facial expression I can ever see.

Actually I regret.

I regret something I dont dare to admit.

The most cruel thing I ever encountered in my life,

is life...

Moving on is one thing.

Forgetting you is another.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am back to Singapore from Hong Kong.

I am not sick so I guess I can still run around freely.

Hopefully I dint get H1N1 and get a lot of ppl infected with it.

The trip was fun.

Though many things happen in between but I chose to ignore.

Not like me..

Hmmm, nyways I will post the pictures up when I have time. Its dammit loads of photos.

Did quite a lot of things.

And ate quite a lot of things.

First time taking a plane,

Thanks Auntie Joyce.

First day, went BBQ and fishing at this 'bottle tree park' look alike place.

Feed dogs den went to shopping centre.

Cigg there aint cheap oso.

Cost about SGD8 a packet. GOSH.

Went to shen zhen on the 2nd day.
Ate PIGEON !!!
And I got molested.
Well, DOnt wanna elaborate. HAA

Shop on the 3rd day.
Nth to shop oso.

All of the things is like those from bugis street.
And Is not cheap at all.

Disneyland on fourth day,

Bought a few disney shirt for myself and is dam big.
Alene u know how to see one anot !?
the fireworks were awesome.

FIFth day back to SG.

Thank you for everything Auntie Joyce.

And I really feel sorry for you.

Hope U wont be too negative with life.

All the best,

Lastly, may all ur wish and hope come true.

Darn screw up today.

Was busily cancelling all my tuition and meet up.
SORRY ALVIN, hope u understand.

And Happy Bday to u Renee.

Balrin, dont worry !
I love you lol.

THanks everyone.

Hectic day tmr.

I have faith in you,

I value your needs and wants,

and I respect your time.

I am tired,

Goodnights FRENS, rest well.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My love, I have tried with all my being

to grasp a form comparable to thine own,

but nothing seems worthy,

I know now why Shakespeare could not compare his love to a summer’s day.

It would be a crime to denounce the beauty of such a creature,

to simply cast away the precision

God had placed in forging you.

Each facet of your being

whether it physical or spiritualis an ensnarement

from which there is no release.

But I do not wish release.

I wish to stay entrapped forever.

With you for all eternity.

Our hearts, always as one.

I'll Miss You,


My Princess,
With Love.

Monday, June 15, 2009

15th June.

Met up QS and KC for lunch den to buy something.

As I have an very important task that day.

Went to watch movie with bb.

Its like the whole Singapore only got one timing.

All the cinemas screen the show at 5pm ++

Other den that its some weird timing like midnight or something.

Nyway, caught I love you, man.

At 4pm I was still in lavender.

Not yet prepared or wadever.

And the show starts at 5.15pm.

Afraid that there might be no seats left by the time I reach there and purchase the movie tickets.

QS fetch me home and KC help me to book the tickets online when I go to bath =D

Thanks to you two.

The show is Funny =D

But most of the attention is not paid to the movie.

Because theres a special force beside me. haha.

Had pastamania den off to "Can Reach Park".

To do a very important task.

Chit chat there with BB

And I said I gonna show her a magic.

And she doesnt believe it.

Not gonna tell u guys wad magic was that.

Over there I was accused and threaten REPEATEDLY!

Was threaten to act like a spiderman

Ask me to climb a tree !!

Accused of my heart beating v fast.

Accused that I think that u will say Y** hor, so I am not worrying hor.

Threaten me hor !!!

Cute HOR !?

After all the threatening and accusing.

I send her back to yishun to meeet her frens.

Upon reaching the place.
I merely Throttle a bit and stop den purposely brake for a few times ONLY.


You make me feel like stupid yesterday la !!

But den I still love you. =D

But den ultimately U still told me the beautiful word. So its alright.! =D

A gentle word like a spark of light,

Just wanna tell you this bb,

It's YOU that makes me whole

There is no corner, no dark place,YOUR LOVE cannot fill

And if the world starts causing waves,It's your devotion that makes them still

And yes you always speak to me,In sweet honesty and truth

Your caring heart keeps out the rain,

YOUR LOVE, the ultimate roof

So thank you my Love for being there, For supporting me, my life

I'll do the same for you, you know,

My Cutest Wife, Smartest Lady. =D

Blogger just dont allow me to upload pictures now.

I will upload the pictures maybe tmr or wad.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The times we had together.

No matter what is the reason for not fighting on till the last breath

Or if u had already tried ur best.

I am still proud of you.

I am still grateful for all the things u had done for me.

All the helps I need.

U was seldom not there for me.

The nights we spend together

The fun we had,

The secrets we shared.

Life is like a short journey.

Whether u did ur best or not u will reach ur destination to another level.

And bro I am proud that u did ur best.

And I am proud that u were once my bro.

The only regrets I had is not agreeing to drink ur blood that day.

Well, but deep down u all already my blood related brother.

I can feel that u are watching over me/us.

I can feel it. U are in a safe and better place.

You told me that.

Rest well brother.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009




Friday, June 5, 2009

THursday night !

So lame, self skidded on a pile of thick sand.

Sprain my arm leg and back

and a minor cut on my feet and hand.

But thats not the point.

My pitiful bike..

Its like ur wife one side of the face give ppl pour acid.


Anyway to everyone riding bike:
This is true,
Tested and proven by whoever nonsense name I dunno

  • You are most likely to have a motorbike accident less than 10 km from your home and in the first 12 minutes of your ride.

  • In one study of fatal accidents, 41% of the time the motorcyclist ran off the road, 18% either the motorcyclist or another vehicle ignored a traffic control, 11% were head-on collisions, 8% a car turned in front of a motorcycle and 7% a motorcycle went down in a roadway 2 . This study in particular hints that riders are more responsible for their own safety than is generally accepted.

  • Chopper-type (cruiser) motorcycles are more likely to be involved in an accident.

  • Experience is choosing an appropriate line is an important skill

  • You are more likely to have an accident in the first six months or during your second year of motorcycling.

  • Fast, smooth and safe cornering is a vital skill which should be learnt at a bike school or race track

Anyway, I went to gym yesterday and my shoulders and arms are aching now.

And I hurt my back and I cant apply medical oil.


Dam forget it.

I am quite tired. Guess I go have a nap first =D



THE other groups of taxi drivers who like to speed, dont like to signal, dont like to see mirror dont give a dam to other ppl life when driving can jolly well GO FUCK OFF AND GO AND DIE.

One more time, one more taxi driver fcuking pua stunt on the road I will fucking smash ur window.


LoNg Live fellow riders.


[4:11:25 PM] Alvin ong: not sure

[4:11:28 PM] Alvin ong: maybe going skating

[4:11:31 PM] Alvin ong: or relax

[4:11:35 PM] Alvin ong: you want to come bo

[4:11:41 PM] Alvin ong: si bei long bo see you leh

[4:11:45 PM] Alvin ong: i want to see you okay anot

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ima cheater..


I Practise like mad.
This is just one small part....

U think he cute ar ?

He will make ur life miserable.

Red packet from vampires. Lucky only 10 dollar .

Finally, the hardest day of the week is over !!

Seriously I hate thursday.

I always hate thursday.

Now that my school squeeze 3 test papers on thursday it made me hate thursday even more!

I cannot imagine me mugging suddenly and realise I dunno anything.

I think next time they should first day of school straight away give test.

I think I will score the highest in class lol.

Anyway, those jap characters are so hard to memorize.

Because of the limited time I have to study for my jap test.

I cheated =X

Well, just a lil bit.

Hopefully I'll pass the test.

And the freaking LTA came too slow.

I alr paid the fine den they send me the letter.



Oh ya, tmr test again !!!

Retail studies.

Faint faint faint.

I am go gonna enjoy myself during the weekends. AHAHA

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weets. I just happen to chance upon this video on youtube,

I forgot how.

But u guys know the song

"If I were a Boy" by Beyonce ?

I found this If I were a girl by some caucasian and I find it very good lol.

His voice very nice.

And well tried MV made by himself. And one of his friends.

Overall its cool.

I love him.

GUess I got influence by Dixon.

I gotta stop looking at guys ! lol.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I watch S factor today, dint watch the entire thing, just a few epidsodes.

I think the whole show is about those girls bitching each other behind their backs.

I enjoyed it, however I can imagine those being bitched at and sabotaged.

I really pity them lol.

Its entertaining to us, viewers.

But saddening to those.

However I love the part where they bitch INFRONT OF EACH OTHER.

Its cool I think LOL.

Girls always have the guts to this among girls as they grew mature.

ANyway, I think I gotta cut down on my monthly expenses.

I am dead sure I spend over 1k this month.


Nuff of all that,
Just back from gym. I am dead beat.

THis hectic week:

Japanese Test [ I gonna suffer ]

Business LAW !!!

Marketing Management -.-

And more gym.

Currently undergoing some serious family issue.

Well, dont really feel like talking about it to anyone.

That explains why I update my blog less often.

I just dont have the mood.

With so many test and work packed.

I dont have the time.

Maybe its good to keep myself busy too =)

Anyway, I am going to francis house now den ltr to study !


And SIssy I hope u will remain happy and lively as you always were.

To whoever it is.