Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Two chalets within 10 days.

I have been feeling tired and having gastrics all these while.

Nevertheless, I've had fun =D

let the pictures do the talking

2nd night and many have left.
Group photo: Com'on I wasnt ready.
Powderful face, I still laughs when I think of francis reaction upon seeing this pic.
Francis:[shout] EH ZIHAO. UR FACE LOL!

Me and Gina =D


Me and francis judge.
One leg pain one hand pain LOL.

Ready Up, forfeit for loser.

Funny positions and sounds producer. Cis and Hao

Zi Hao: Left hand green plus left leg red = Funny sounds
Francis: Right hand yellow and left leg blue = Funny positions

Introducing the ALMIGHT !!!!
Forfeit: Wears the helmet and walk a round the chalet. Alot of people LOL.
U are lucky my visor is tinted.
I haven got the pictures for Alvin's chalet. Will upload once I get hold of them.
Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.
True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.
Btw I change all my songs to trance, if u find it too kp just click on the pause button on my music player.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Definitely not a gang poem.

Around the corner I have a friend,

In this great city that has no end,

Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,

And before I know it, a year is gone.

And I never see my old friends face,

For life is a swift and terrible race,

He knows I like him just as well,

As in the days when I rang his bell.

And he rang mine

but we were younger then,

And now we are busy, tired men.

Tired of playing a foolish game,

Tired of trying to make a name.

'Tomorrow' I say!

'I will call on J.

Just to show that I'm thinking of him.'

But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,

And distance between us grows and grows.

Around the corner, yet miles away,

'Here's a telegram sir,' 'J died today.'

And that's what we get and deserve in the end.

Around the corner, a vanished friend.

Remember to always say what you mean.

If you love someone, tell them.

Don't be afraid to express yourself.

Reach out and tell someone what they mean to you.

Because when you decide that it is the right time it might

be too late.

Seize the day. Never have regrets.

And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family,

for they have helped make you the person that you are today.

Kena summon !

The day before ytd I kena summon for riding in the day without turning on my headlight.

Its 3pm and its super sunny.

Because I dint turn on the headlight, which makes no difference at that time.

Uncle sammy summon me 30 dollars for it.

My god, the summon came totally at the wrong time.

I think I should go fasting till the end of the month or till I get my pay.

The followiing content below is not out to confuse u. But is to find someone who can prove me wrong.

Its saddening to see things and people change with money.

In the other hand its happy to see things and people changes with money.

Like I always tell people.

People with money are normally powerful people in this society.

Therefore, I always and strongly believe that MONEY >= POWER.

With power u can do a lot of things.
With money u can do more than what power can allow u to do.

Therefore in the end money > Power

I always believe that people who live to a ripe old age and have no money are not people who are really happy.

However people who are rich and live shorter are happier.

That is iif u live shorter with money > live longer without money

And, If u live longer with money > live shorter without money.

As in any case, if u have money u are happier in all aspects.

People might say, u might be happy even if u have no money.
U will have lots of grandchildren and son and a happy family.

That is provided that u have health.
Only if u have health den will u enjoy living to a ripe old age.

And again, other people will say,

NVM la, if u have no money den if ur children are capable will provide for u when u are old.
If u think through it, people who say that are quite senseless.

Because when ur children PROVIDE FOR U [ gives u money ]
Doesnt it means that u have money already ?
So in another way, u have money.
Dam it.

So now there is again one more arguing point.
I said that if u wanna live to a ripe old age u need to have health and a happy family and not money to be happy right? So why I say money makes us happier?

Again, think about ur own life.
IF, I am saying IF u live to a ripe old age with HAPPY FAMILY without money, you will also live to a ripe old age with HAPPY FAMILY WITH money!

If u live can live to a ripe old age with a HAPPY FAMILY WITHOUT MONEY.


But isint living shorter + happy family + money BETTER THAN Live long+happy family WITHOUT money.?

If i have money I dont mind dying at the age of 65. Hopefully 70 la.

If I no money but live until 90 years old haven die, dont u think u are a burden to ur children and the society.
Wasting the earth ressources without contributing anything back to the society everyday.


Good nights.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


ALRIGHT, I just wasted TODAY again ! -.-

Anyway, I ton at alvin house two days ago till yesterday.

After which he went to meet his beloved in the morning and afternoon while I go to lavender with KC.
Rewrap my seat and bought chain lubes.

After that went to bukit batok to view bike.

ANd den back to alvin house to wash his car and my bike. .

Can u imagine ppl washing car and bikes at 2am ?

Well, we did that. I even polish my bike until hand wanna break.

After that I fetch KC home. When we reach KC's house downstairs.

Something eerie happen.

The wind starting blowing super heavily.

We could hear the doors slaming and metal container dropping from below the hdb that are surrounding the both of us.

The sky started turning red.

Blood red...

It was super scary man.

Shortly after, it started to rain.

What the heck, I just wash my bike and it rain.

Luckily the rain goes on for like 10min only and den it stopped.

And I quickly rode back home.

Sleep until now. Dam it . I wasted today again !

Anyway, I am going to ssc now to find sheng and co

For people who are feeling unhappy or sad now.

Just keep in mind that it's okay to feel sad sometimes. We can't always be high on life, or we won't enjoy the rush.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I think aafter all the storms and rain i went thru earlier this year.

Jan, Feb blar blar.

Examples like taking my bike practical.

Failing for some stupid reason and wasting my money.

Buying a bike when I haven even BOOK my tp.

The pressure for me to pass TP is very very huge.

If I fail I am losing money. For everyday I wait. I am losing COE money.

And stuffs like realising my exams is 1 week ago when I know nth.

Modules like, statistics, microecons and Principles of Management.

Is a pain in the arse.

I remember using 1 week to study Stats. Where the first 6 days I study and slp at the same time.

Using 2 days to study the whole of microeconomics. Which I dunno a shyt at all also.

Using HALF a day to study prinicples of management WHICH I REALLY IS DUNNO A SHYT. Only see the cover page and lecture 1 before. Rest of lecture notes nv flip and study before.

I still remember studying at LJS with Alene and co for POM.

It was v taxing. In the end still can go kopitiam and slack.

For accounting. I dint even study. 1 hour before exams I roughly flip thru the lec notes.

After all this taxing and stressful period.

Came my wonderful/horrible holiday.

And very luckily it became a WONDERFUL holiday for me !

I manage to pass my bike tp in one attempt.!

I manage to pass all my subjects as at 8.30am. 17 march 2009.

With the holiday. Its triple happiness.

I cannot help but smile now.

All the good things, plz dont stop coming.

Luckily I dont have high blood pressure.

If not I wont be able to take all this coming at one go.

Old ppl might get an heart attack !


In fact my results IMPROVED ! Compared to last sem.

I dunno how the F I did it.

But I believe MIRACLE now.

I love myself, I love everyone around me.

And I love my bike LOL.





I owe myself a celebration !!!!

Whose going to celebrate with me ?

Alright, Im off to sleep now.

Haven slp =(


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Me and hansel's vehicle at dam =D

People often ask whats the colour of my bike
I would tell them 'bloody red'

However mine is a chio ruby.
In this case, RUBY stands for
'Red Baby' !

I cant wait for a mass outing !!!!
Hinting Mazda 3, jazz, fit, one more fit , civic and a 2 litre.
Hiak hiak.
Den I be extra. Or maybe I sit car =D

End of year holidays

After the poly holidays. Other then some bad incident. I think I haven been really updating my blog. haha, I even received 'comments' from 'some' ppl to update.

Alright, so I shall update my blog now !

First of all, the very big achievement I have got in this holidays is 'PASSING MY 2B BIKE LIC' !

I was so happy, my baby SP is sitting patiently in yishun sapphire waiting for me to go and get it.

While my 2 wonderful bro who help me to buy the insurance on my behalf and for sending me to LTA.

Many many thanks to K.C and Alvin respectively =D

After that, I have been v busy.


In other words I have been riding day and night having sleepless nights dreaming about my bike =D

This has cause me to pump petrol every single day. Up till today. Everyday sure have to pump one time.

Have been spending dam a lot of money.

Ytd just spend another hundred plus fixing up my bike in malaysia.

Its my first time using my own vehicle to enter malaysia.

And I was dam afraid.

Afraid I would be caught and rape =P

Aye, nobody wan to rape me la.

I was afraid I could not came back in one piece,

However changing my bike stuffs there were much cheaper den when u change in singapore.

DUE to the money constraint, I still decided to went.

I went with a group of peeps I knew online. [ nv see b4 one ]

Well, turn out they were v frenly and guided me along the way.

Other den the fast moving vehicles in malaysia and the not as polite road users there. I dont think theres any other reasons for me to complain since everything is cheaper.

Especially the petrol. !

Its like half the price of SG petrol -.-

Our government sure knows how to tax us gao gao.

Nyways, today and yesterday I actually tong pang ALENE' MUM on my bike !!!

I never dream that i WOuld EVER pillion any MUMMYS on my bike !!!

Her mum is the first !

And alot of many other things happen but I could not recall them in details hence I shall not elaborate.

An apology to jason for not attending ur bday party.

And many thanks to my creditors. U noe who u are =D

And many thanks to my readers and frens for taking ur time to read my post.

I am dam busy and dam lacking sleep !!



Thank you v much in advance for the response and good nites !

Gotta starting working a 4 days IT fair tmr. So will be busy for another 4 days.

My phone bill is bursting like mad !