Thursday, January 29, 2009

One day with my bike !

Quite a fast decision however a non-regrettable decision.

I just viewed the bike two days ago and I bought it yesterday.

Muahaha, so happy.. The red machine is currently locating at my friends condo.

Because I still dun have a license and dun have to pay for season parking if I were to park under my fren condo..

However I know this feeling will fade overtime, therefore I take one day off from school today to enjoy this feeling. LOL, what excuses.

Nevertheless, I dun wanna keep troubling Ali just to see my baby. Therefore, I must stop thinking of it.

Theres photo of my new bike, however I dun wanna post it up. Because the pictures does not look like the bike IRL.

Obviously it is nicer IRL !

Btw, can anyone tell me what neon colour goes with red ???

I really cant think of any. LOL.

I hope my TP, on 5th March 2009 a successful one. I wonder if two RC and two RR is enuff for the tp ?

Thats what I intend to do. Hope my body cordination and mind dont fails me that day.

If it really doesnt, den Mr 'Prince' will be out on road !!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNY soon

Its been a long long long long long time the last time I blog. I can see cob webs and spiders lingering at corners of my blog.

Well, its CNY soon, everyone's cleaning and tidying up my house while I am still lazing at home.
Cool, let me start off with cleaning up my blog.

New Year Clothes
Is it necessary ?

First and foremost I dont see a need in buying new clothes during new year.
However according to the trend, new clothes to welcome new year.

Well, as teenagers yourself ask yourself is that the truth.
I think its bullshit, rarely do ppl nowadays follow the tradition.

They just take new year as another excuse to get money frm their parents and buy new clothes isnt it ?

What I like about new year is basically the reunion dinner.
One year 365 days I think not even once, my family and I sit down together to have a meal.
Not even once, I am serious.

My mum and I are like playing hide and seek everyday.
When she goes to work, I would be sleeping like a pig.
When she comes back from work I would be out.
When I comes back she would be sleeping.

And this procedures repeat itself until it has already been a habit for me .

Anyway, that is the ONLY thing I enjoyed about CNY and of cuz the red packets to aid in my bike =D

I useed to like the little gatherings and stuff. However times have changed, things have also changed, people, like me have also change.

Now, I detest my relatives bombarding me with countless questions repeatedly.
I detest the way I have to force myself to smile to every relative I see.
I detest to call them when I see them, I prefer to call them when I want to call.
When 'I want to' in this case is not 'I feel like'

Its if that patircular person deserves respect from me then would I call.

Many family have their own problems so does mine. And I happen to know some of the conflicts between some of them and happen to judge for myself whos the good and whose the bad guy.

Alright, I think thats all about what I feel about this coming CNY.

Another problem here is, I am fucking thinking about my $305 everyday.
I feel like sharing with all of you , but at the same time I dun feel like typing the whole BLOODY chunk out.

I will, if someone asked me to.=D

A form of motivation comes from my lil tagboard over at the right hand side of the page.

Plz kindly tag before you leave my blog, OR



serious case
One day I am not with you and this happens. See how important I am now . LOL
One fren of mine jsut got beaten up by some bloody knnb no life no common sense faggots on the road.
And for goodness sake they are fking FROM CHAO YANG !

Chase all the way until traffic light, get out the car and hoot him
SOmemore my fren wear helemt. They fcking go and punch his head with the helmet on.

I think they not only didnt hurt my friend, but hurt themself instead. One idiot oso bang onto a lj lamp post while trying to do the gorilla walk.

If they are not from chao yang u tell me where. KNN.

No matter whose feeling more painful. They are still knn Fcukers.

Alot of ppl eat one ppl.

Ask them one person come give us alot of ppl eat see how they feel.

Let me officially curse and condemn them now !!
content below not suitable for children below the age of 18.

Lets curse them that they would become crazy in 2 months time.

And their parents disown them eventually due to their retardness and down syndrome face.

As a result they were being catch by the police and thrown in IMH and they bang the wall every morning when they wake up.

However they were lucky and finally recovered after 4 years.

Got into a car accident when they were just released from IMH and lost a leg as a result and to amputate 2 of his fingers on the right hand because of severe contact with the road.

AFter staying in hospital for 6 weeks they finally recoverd from surgery.!

When they went back to their own house, they found out that someone has broken into their house and stole everything inside the house, even the toilet bowl has been unscrewed and carried away.

Feeling helpless and hungry, they decide to went down to the coffe shop and buy some food back home to eat,
Realised that they have got no money only whn they ordered the chicken rice, they decided to beg. Begged $1.90 after 3 hours.

Bargain with the chicken rice stall auntie for half an hour for the missing 10 cents.

Half way through the journey back home, their chicken rice drop while crossing the road and got smash by a lorry that zoom pass. with the tyres ramming over their other leg and got the fking old man stick broken into pieces.

Nevertheless, they pick up the rice and continue to jump home like a fagg,

once they reach home they found out their house has been burn to total ash.

Feeling desperate, they decide to come back to my fren and beg for forgiveness.

And everything is over ! =D

WELL, I told you the content is not for children. Oh and its really fking long.
ENjoy reading it ya ^_^

Shortlived FAGGOTS !

ANd when you think all is over.

The fucking next morning they went out, step onto a banana skin, slip and fell with his head down straaight to the floor at a zooming speed of 100km/hr.
And kena coma for 68 years . =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prac 7

Yesterday was my prac 7 ! The last practical lesson of my class 2b motorbike.
I was like yay, so confident.

Rode on dixon's bike before hand also.

I said to myself, I am going to pass this. I am going to book tp after this =D

Everything went smoothly as plan.

No mistakes

No demerit points at all from my point of view.

After a round of mind straining assesment. Avoiding mistakes and stuff. I got back to SSDC. Waiting for the instructors to evaluate us.

I was freaking excited at that point of time.

And and, the instructor called my number. And said I failed....

WTF ? From a face filled with excitement to a one filled with resentment and anger.

The instructor slowly explained....

Listen carefull he said,

During the cross junction when I was suppose to turn right. There was this car in the oncoming traffic [traveling diff direction] was going to turn to his left. Meaning I will have to give way to him.

According to the traffic rules. But that faggot, Signal left, Green Man. AND heres comes the angry part!

He fucking dowan to move. His tyres dint even FUCKING move an inch. He just sit inside the car with the scenerio as mention above like a faggot with down syndrome. Majiam the road got superglue.

The green man was like there for 3-4 seconds, and he too was also at there for 3-4 seconds. Hence, I decided to take the move. ANd move before him.


DArn plain fucking retarded mistake made. Really lor, dunno how to emphasize, but I still wanna complain. Because of that 3-4 seconds, cost me my time, my sleep and my money. Just because the freaking tyre nv move.

Well, anyway after failing. I went up to book for another slow. And to my surprise, there is another prac 7 slot the next day which is today. Which is now. I just came back from it.

Errr, this time I said to myself. If theres another car who does that again I will get off my bike and wack the hell out of the faggot. Nevertheless, None of such incident happen. Everything went smoothly. However, while instructor was commenting on my performance.

Instructor : Err, Zi Hao I think you need to come back for another lesson before your traffic police test.


Instructor: Just now you turn out of pylon salom you dint signal right.

Zi Hao: Thats only 4 demerit points, why you fail me !

Instructor : Did I say I was gonna fail you

Zi Hao: Yes u did, err No you dint but you said something of that sort.

Instructor: I said you need to come back for another lesson before tp

Zi Hao: Ah YES, thats what you said.....

Instructor: Did I say that lesson is Lesson 7 ?

Zi Hao: No, hehe so you mean ?

Instructor: So I mean you pass la, come back for at least one road revision your TP.

Zi Hao: wtf , scare me [mumbles]

Instructor: what was that word I heard ?

Zi Hao: Nothing thanks bye =D

HahA, there I pass prac 7 finally. 5th of march TP.

Fucking long, however the real fear is TP. If I fail, I fking gonna wait wait wait again !!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Going out ^_^

I realised something very funny with my body. I dunno whether isit only me or everyone of my age is like this.

During the day, I cant even kill a rat.
When the sunsets and the darkclouds slowly forming with winds breezing into my window's room is the time when I transformed.

Just like now, I am gonna go out.
Put a bull infront of me now and I'll fight it.

Thats all, can anyone enlighten me, and I need ur other's views on this.

Cya folks.

Btw, Do take note that this is not a random post nor a 'short' POST.

It is a 'long' question =D

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dixon's bike ^_^

Here are the pictures of dixon's bike !
Presenting lacer ONG sitting on pocket bike, haha!

TADA, the owner

and ME !!!

Ong again

His bike nice eh

So happy
I ride half round around yishun dam =D

Ah kam !!!

Had fun =)

Ytd outing with dixon

Road [English] = Lu [Chinese]
Idiot [English] = Chi[Chinese]

Lu Chi [Chinese] = Road Idiot.

Neither am I trying to teach english here nor chinese.
But rather to create an english term for 'Lu Chi' for the sake of conveniece for the rest of my post.

Ytd after coming back from G's house without eating anything for up to 24 hours I decided to meet Dixon to go out to eat.
I think I waited him for around 2 hours before I finally saw him downstairs my house.
After that we wanted to head down to lavender to eat. We lost all the way. From SLE onwards we lost all the way!

Normally, one typical Road Idiot will get lost for 1 hour excluding the proper travelling time before finally reach its intended destinations.

But when two road idiot are together. Theres a bonus lost time.
In Mathematical terms,
Its 1hour[one road idiot] + 1 more hour [ one more road idiot ] + 1 hour = 3 hours of lost time before reaching our destinations.

WHere does the one additional one hour come from then ?

The additional one hour is created through a chemical reaction when two road idiot combine together !

Lame like shyt right I ? But thats the truth. Because when one road idiot is in doubts, he will tend to take an alternative road rather den going straight down.

And normally after a few turns he will figure out.
But when there is another road idiot messing his system up. Everything goes haywire !

Okay, not only does we get lost when going to the destination. But we alsoo get lost when coming home. OMG, I am gonna go memorise the street directory.

For time and oil and water is wasted.

Again, everyone must be thinking how come water is included in the resources.
Because u need to drink water after long journeys.
Obviously everyone knows that water is redundant and does not need to be calculated in the expenses.

Even more expensive then V power and Caltex Platinum . Which are probably two of the best petrol in SG.

WHy ?

Again in mathematical term. One litres of V power OR Caltex Platinum cost u $1.789 - $1.799




of mineral water , COST YOU $1.30 !!!


And its already the cheapest brand of mineral water in cheers.

So I advise all new P platers to go buy street directory or use up one whole day of your time to explore Singapore. ^_^

When two or more road idiots combine together. They can create the world most destructive atomic bombs ever known to man !
~Zi Hao


ps: I know I am fking lame, but plz dun fking complain when u wanna read my blog. LOL, jkjk. All comments accepted =D

Jolin's fking hot.!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The day before ytd, ytd and today !

Hi to my own blog. I am back to write on you again. Just came back from G house since ytd. We were playing dota, rabbit vs sheep.

We spent around 20 hours ++ at his hus. Super smelly , I havent bath since ytd.

Yesterday, I slept at 6am++ due to going ouut with the dixon and lacers the day before yesterday. And Yesterday, I slept at 6am, I set my alarm at 9am.
Due to my practical 6.1 at 1030am.

The alarm rang. Phew, I woke up, look around and went back to sleep.


Mum: hey zihao, u today no sch ah ?

Me: Look at the time, stare into space and.... [emo]

Mum: hey answer me , answer me.

Me: continue to emo.

That prac cost 40 bucks and I dint go just lidat. V wasted, next time I die I also will drag myself go.
My bed is a money sucker =P

Anyway, bo bian I went to sch, KC acc me to book for next prac slot which is at sat. EARLIEST!

DAM it, Guess I gonna miss the 19 Feb Tp.


I know it might get a lil confusing for some of you, but if u work ur brain a lil more it should be fine.

Went out with lacers, halfway meet up with dixon. Theres this funny thing.
Theres a car and a bike. And i prefer to sit on the bike.LLOL

And he let me try his bike.
WOW, the power is 10x SSDC bike.

Now i know how underpowered is SSDC bike.

We took photos of us on his bike. Will post them on my next blogpost. Stil waiting for the ONG to send me. lol

nyways had fun that day. Thanks dixon for entrusting ur bike to me =D

I taught him what I learn from one of the ssdc instructors that day too. Hopes he finds it useful.
Lets practice body steering next. I'll go ask the instructor how to do it.

KC was also emphasing to me preventive measures when riding a bike. Scaring me off with 3cm skin tear per second at 60km/hr and encouraging me to buy the dunno wad jacket.

Arr well, I'll buy when I got extra money after buying my bike =D

QUote from Biker Boyz
Introdution by KC.

Speed has 5 letters, so do Death.
Slow has four letters so do Safe. Burn the rubber, not your soul. =D

Waiting for dixon now. HAHA . Enjoy all ^_^

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Time check, now is 5.27am, and theres school at 10 tmr. Godly.
Reason why I havent sleep is because I'm too happy to sleep.
Reason being, I pass my prac 6.1 first try. =D

Anyway, I have got something to annouce. I suddenly found out that I am in love with Jolin. Not really in love with her, but just like her. I dint go after any celebrity at any point of my life ever before. So this might be the case for my entire life.

I happened to have some mood to dig some chinese songs which are nice today. Because as a chinese I should not always listen to english songs isnt it ?
And I happen to chance upon Jolin's song.
After listening to her sweet voice and looking at her, I got electriculted by her eyes and went on to find her pictures.
Dint realise she sang such wonderful songs before. I just change all my songs to hers.
THis is an old song of her if I am not mistaken. But I dont care whether its new or old or in the middle.
As long as its pleasant to my ears can already.
Oh, and her looks are pleasant to the eyes too ^_^

Below are pictures of her !

So cute right she =D

Nose bleeds *

I think shes the only woman with a tattoo that I don't mind till now. LOL

Just be my GF for gods sake.

Her name is sweet. Everything on her is sweet.

Freaking old picture that dont look like her.

Jolin is a sweet name, Tsai is a special name.
Her real person is a cute girl.
Thats whats in my mind right now.
Now i gonna play scissors papers stone with myself to see if i need to sleep anytime soon.
I'll end here.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A day with vodka 100

Like I was saying ytd before drinking.

Vodka 100 is hell of a cake.
The smell is fucking strong and UNPLEASANT.

50% alcohol compared to normal 40% absolute vodka.
But smells ten times stronger then absolute vodka.

Well, we did it quite professionally.
Shots glass, sugar, salt, speed pourer, vodka, carbonated red bull, cups.

WOW, I must say I forgot most of the stuff.
According to Alvin and David. This is how it goes :

When we already drink half bottle of the vodka. [ fyi , theres only 2 persons drinking nia, me and Alvin]..............................

Me: Eh , I cannt tahan liao I reduce my bet to if I lose I drink 1 shots, If u lose u drink 3 shots. ;D

Alvin: Siao la, cnnt la. I drink 3 shots you drink two.

Me: NO! I drink half shots you drink 5.

Alvin: EMO -.-

David: WTf look??!!

Kinda stupid hor, LOL. I talk nonsense when I am drunk.

Nyways, after our smoknig break.

ON THE QWAY BACK, I was Mit-Walking back to his house.

Mit-Walking stands for voMiting on the road while walking.

Man, I tell you it sucks to vomit.

I hate the feeling when you wanna vomit.

David still can tell me stunts of how to make yourself vomit earlier.

After everything, we lie STRAIGHT and DEAD on the bed.
Reeking of alcohol and cigg in the air con on the bed sucks lol.

Surprisingly I woke up at 2pm today !
So freaking early.

The first feeling I get is like I just hoot 10 shots of barcardi 151 .

Nearly fell down once I stand up..

Afterwhich we had pepperlunch for 'BreakLunchNer'
Cool, for the whole day I oni ate that pathetic pepper lunch Alvin's parent bought.

And just now I just had maggie mee as supper.
Totally unhealthy lifestyle.

Dota whole day like mad dog!

To Alene,


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Relax only

This will be a short post, cuz Im at Alvin's home.

THe day before ytd, kai was at my house till 5am. We was playing dota with one com. LOl how ?
He play I see, I play he see.

One very sad thing is that dixon buang-ed on his bike ytd when riding his bike ytd with Alene on. My god, just get the bike only like that. Skin pain, $$$ fly.
Recover soon eh you two.

Gonna drink vodka 100 ltr =D

ALvin bought 10 carbonated redbull just now LOL.

Nyways a lil something for all.

CDC AlertThe Center for Disease Control has issued a medical alert about a highly contagious, potentially dangerous virus that is transmitted orally, by hand, and even electronically.

This virus is called Weary Overload Recreational Killer (WORK).If you receive WORK from your boss, any of your colleagues, or anyone else via any means whatsoever - DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely.

IF you should come into contact with WORK you should immediately leave the premises. Take two good friends to the nearest grocery store and purchase one or both of the antidotes - Work Isolating Neutralizer Extract (WINE) and Bothersome Employer Elimination Rebooter (BEER).Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.You should immediately forward this medical alert to five friends. If you do not have five friends, you have already been infected and WORK is controlling your life.

Love is what makes a house a home. =D

TATA, drinking session.