Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I have LJ "frens" in ....

Finally, I am back to post !

The next time I use the first word in this post will be the time when i get my license and bike.

AS usual, wake up darn early in the morning to attend practical lesson 4 for the third time.ANNNNDDDDDDDDDDD I PASSED. !

Surprisingly, I happen to hear someone shouting my name when I was riding my bike.
It was kai taking his prac 2 lol.
Such coincidence dont happen often.

After our pracs, [we both passed btw] proceed to nyp for breakfast/lunch.

Went to library, smoke, and to mac to sorta have a mini celebration for Stephanie.

I was the only guy there, surprisingly I dont feel too awkward. Maybe see them too much haha.

Sang the "international song" for steph, wasted some zippo fluid to light the candles which keeps going off, cut the cake once, take out the candles. Obviously she dont dare to take out with her mouth.
Who dares to try stupid stuff in front of me anyway ? LOL .

Doesnt sounds dam exciting right. But as classmates that is what we can do for her unless she invite us to her bday chalet or sth den diff story.

Owing to the fact that this is Stephanie first time having a mini bday celebration celebrated with her poly frens. So, whether its memorable , exciting or 'NOT', It depends totally on how she look at it. =)

After the AFA thingy which ended quite smoothly, I pon-ned HTML lessons . Now I dunno how to update my blog skins and stuff LOL.

Oh ya , and something to add on. I just realise that my elder sis graduated from uni 'ONE FUCKING WEEK AGO'

Yea, and I just realised =.=

Anyways, I found that out when she started moving all the notes and test papers she had been compiling in her room since primary school. HAHA, time to move the old stuffs outta the house.

Well, could sense that my dad was happy for her and of course her younger brother ME ^_^

And a lil bit jealous that she dont have to study anymore.

Hope she have a good experience out in the society.

Clearing off her uni debts and meeting nice people out there,
not like 'SOME' of my childish and senseless friends.

Speaking of THIS "fren", I wouldnt even noe if I should call him my fren.

Totally senseless in a sense that doesnt care for other ppl feelings, childish in a sense that he thought he knows everything each time he experience sth new which i alr experienced when he was still drinking his milk.

ANd ooh yes, I said all this out of anger. And although all these were said when i was angry. I am dead sure this is how i feel and how it is and not just spouting any nonsense. ';..;'

Its been a long time since i experience anger, and this 'fren' made me experience it, and I have been taking in nonsense from this fren 'recently' and I dint voice it out. So while I am typing this and you are reading it and feel guilty and think that I am referring to you.



You are right, ITS YOU !
So when you know its you I am talking about.

This is the first and the last warning you will ever see.

Firstly, I dont have much patience since young,
Secondly, I dont take in any nonsense, and this is the first time I am tolerating nonsense without voicing out. And this is a very dangerous move you are taking.

With all my sincerity and sympathy, I advise you not to continue in your ways anymore =)

The next advice wont be like this anymore ....

Farewell people and have a nice day. Do not let the last part of today's post affect you.
Love all of you LACERS ^_^

ps: my dad is listening to a very funny song right now, the lyrics goes


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