Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Batam trip !

Finally, I feel that there is a need to blog about the batam trip with my bunch of bros / lacers.

There is need sudden rush of urgency that force my hand to click on new post and sstart typing in this white space like now.

It may seems long, 3 day 2 nights. Inm fact this kinda holiday is only play for 2 day. The third day is the time for u to pack up and leave.

Well, lets start from the day before we go to batam.
Was at alvin house, watching Lord of The Rings until 5am. -.-
After I realised it was so 'early' already I decided to catch some sleep. Because we have to leave at 7.


My gosh, I felt like I dint even sleep at all and was even more tired den when I havent sleep.
Nevertheless , I walk like a zombie to the toilet, bathe and everything. Get ready with my backpack and my bulky helmet.

First day was quite wasted for me.
Reach Haris resort at around 10am.

The things there was FCUKNIG EXPANSIOVE. lol!
The ciggs is SGD3.50
whereas the supermarket there sell its for only SGD1.4

Mineral water ---> SGD3
Super Rings ---> SGD2

AND many many such nonsense prices out to chop Singaporeans.

hOWEVER, we still buy the ciggs due to the fact that it is still 3 times cheaper den at Singapore lol.

There is this one thing that I am not happy about other den the price is when we reach the resort the receptionist told us there is not enough rooms for us. WT... we book the ferry this time together witht he rooms. They should anticipated that we would reach around this time wad...

Anyway, as the big hearted and forgiving Singaporean Image we potray, we decided to not let it affect our mood and left our bags and luggages at the lobby while we bring our helmet and proceed to the first stop..


Indeed the gokart there is lot more faster compared to our local escape's gokart.

But again, with higher speed, better and bigger tracks, it comes with a higher, better and bigger price we have to pay =D

10 min for SGD12

Many of you would say that it is darn it expensive . When I first heard of the price I thought so too. But like my fellow guys says, malaysia and singapore is much more expensive. Like SGD30++ for 10min.

Okay well, anyway we all bought three 10 minutes ticket. Meaning 30 min in total. But the guy dont let us finish our 30 min one shot. Every ten min we have to get up and let other ppl play first. And due to the fact that we have more then 8 people.

And they only have around 8 Gokarts working. We have to spilt ourself in two groups and go down seperately to clear the first ticket.

Alot alot of pics was taken here, there is alot of spinoff, drifting, banging into each other and blar blar.

Overall it was fun ^_^

After everything it was around 3pm and we went back to haris resort and found out that they still havent prepare a room for us....

Well, again. As the big hearted and forgiving young singaporeans we 'urge' them to be quick.
And they are really quick. 10 min after one room was given. !5 min after the first room was given. The 2nd and 3rd room was given =D

We smoke inside th room like nobody's business although the staff say smoking only on the balcony. LOL , but who cares !?

I pay to come here to smoke in an air conditioned room LOL.
After a while, we found that the room is abit smoky.

So I went to open the windows 'BIG BIG' =P
Without offing the aircon whole day.

Even at night when we sleep the windows were all stil open witht he air con running.
I think its cool like this. First the room is cooling, and our smoke can get out of the room.
Just that its a bit stressful on the air conditioner.

Due to the lack of slp the previous day, I bathe after the gokart. Slacked on the bed with david annd alvin, smoke , talk cock, watch tv. den I went inside a wonderful dream.
Wont tell anyone what dream is that though . HEHE, A sweet dream is all I would say.

I slept all the way to 8pm , WAS FEELING FCUKING HUNGRY ! Because I realised the last meal I had was at 8am !!!!!

Play until forget to eat. Went downstairs to eat. As usual the food is dam it expensive. But bo bian they all dowann to go to town. We just bear with the prices today.

By right we are going to the buffet at 10pm but was too hungry that we cant wait.

After the meal at 8pm which was a pizza i shared with david. Quite nice. I was quite fulla lready LOL. So me and David decided to not go for the buffet afterwards. We went back our room and ??

SMOKE ! lols, after smoking , we smoke again . and den we went to sleep.


Alvin could not come back in to our room because me and david was both sound asleep that we couldnt hear the bell LOL. In the end Alvin have to go to Lionel's room.

The first day is not well spent eh ?

NVM, we still have the second day.

The first thing that make me wake up early in the morning on the 2nd day is cigg smell . HAHA,
THe windows were still wide open, the air conditioner were still blowing hard.

Ciggarrettes were still burning strong.

I hope the room in my house is like this.

SPAM electricity, SPAM cigg !

We went down to have our breakfast. QUite fulfilling. Its provided by the resort.

After the breakfast, We went to GOkart again !

God dam addicted already. But its really fun. And the 2nd day is even more fun, more happening.

Because the floor is wet =)

ANd the gokart tyres aint that good.

Therefore we can drift easily ! and den counter steer !

The feeling is imba LOl.

DArn, I need to show the pictures in order to explain what was i going to say next.
Lets hope my verbal explanation is good enuff.

The track is something like the F1 track, Just that F1 got barricades and stuff beside. THe go kart track oni have grass. Tall grass !

Meaning its a land full of grass . They make way for the track. The rest are grass. Thats all!

Whats funny is I forgot who spun off at the puddle of water. And with JG tailgating behind, he cant brake immediately because the Gokart is not fixed with brembo brake pads. He knocked slightly to the guy who spunoff and the tyres gave way and he went straight into the grass !!!

LOL, and I mean it. Let me repeat wad i said.


So funny from our view. The staff there couldnt pull out the gokart. Poor JG have to walk back from the place the accident tookl place to wer we were. WHich was quite far. The track is big...

AFter the gokart , went back to bath and do the usual stuff =D

And we proceed to town. I forgot the name of the shopping centre we went. I think is 'nagoya something.'

Nvm, we went there and buy zippo. ! dam cheap the zippo there. SGD9 only .

AHA good deal, and they bought a lot of car shirt. I dint buy any because I dint bring enuff money for clothes.

After that we went to a restaurant to eat. six people, each ordering like nobody's business. In the end the bill for all is oni SGD30++ for 6 ppl. !

HAHA, And the cab who send us to town at around 2pm wait for us all the way till 8pm !
When we saw the cab uncle smoknig with us. LOL
We still dowan to go home after buying all the stuffs and eating. We want to buy liquor and to massage palour =D

We negotiate the price with the cab uncle and proceed. We went to the alcohol store and found out that there is no liquor so we bought beers and fine beers. And CIGARS !
And we went for a massage.
The cab driver again waited 1 and a half hours for us. LOL

The only thing I was not comfortable with the massage is that i have to take off my clothes and pants till my boxer is left. And the person who massage for me is a girl. ANd she keep touching the part she is not suppose to touch accidentally. LOL

Anyway, thats all I gonna say here. Nth else happen as we proceed back to hotel.
Everyone came to our room, we drink we smoke cigars we KPKB.
And went to sleep ..

End of 2nd day. I should say End of batam trip . Just that the trip back to singapore on the ferry was fun because we were sitting at the roof of the ferry and theres no rooftop. And saw something dam nice.

The sun was shining only a paticular part of the sea. Meaning all i saw was that a big ray of light shone at a part of the sea. Its dam nice la !

Maybe next time I bring my future gf there with me ^_^

Thats all for now, TATA


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