Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lack of sleep, feeling fcuked up

Today is the day I think I am free. HAHA, well to sum it up, i started to feel the stress kicking in for my license.

And tell you what,

I went home at 4am ytd, slept at 4.30am. And because I lost my thumbdrive during I&W class ytd. I wake up early in the morning today accompanied by K.C to school to find my thumbdrive. Owing to the fact that my class was the last class to use the lab ytd, it should still be there by right. Walk like a zombie to school, and 'CANT FIND THE THUMBDRIVE', went to microecons 2 hour lesson which lasted for fourty min and dun understand a shit, went to eat at north canteen but cnnt finish my plate of rice. Went to smoke and burn my hand again. and den I skipped stats lecture, went to motrobike practical lesson 2 and fail it.

That roughly shows how fcuked up I am feeling now as I am typing all these. There are more but I am lazy to write it down.

Spend too much money this week.!
Making me stress about bike now.
'ICA in a few days,and i know nuts' makes it worse

Anyway, lets not think so much.

I have yet to congratulate my bro, dixon .
For getting his 2b lic first try !.

To pz, WHO found a job.

To myself for being so nice.


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