Friday, November 14, 2008

End of 18 Bday celebration

Hey its the end of my 18th bday, and I really had fun . This is the first day of my celebrations. Thanks to everyone involved this day. And all the smses are appreciated.
Jian Kai, ur help to help me buy those liquors and paying first was too, very much appreciated by me. ^_^
For the cake which landed on my eyes and face,
For icing my wounds,
for taking turn to carry me home,
for the love which I felt.
It really made my day.!
And they force me to eat a pill which, according to them is 20 bucks for a pill. They said I will become high after eating it. Stupid Francis, he really make it sound dam convincing that I was fooled. Just one sec before the pill entered my mouth, Francis hit it away.
To my surprise, theres a note from everyone in each pill. HAHA. THANKS.!
Although I know some of you are not too happy that day due to one reason or another which I will not mention. U can talk to me if whats troubling you is still troubling you. Or theres something new troubling you. I will listen to you patiently and will try my very best to help.

I'm lucky to have them

Very artistic,it depict how happy we were.
Who took this photo

Drink at the count of 3!


My first Legal stick!!

Xiao Ming Wei challenge me to drink dunno what kinda mixture.

Charlene also challenge me beforehand, but too bad no photos.
'Its not tasty at all =.='
Celebration with the 'LACERS' is cool and came off as a surprise after sch ytd.
Fetched by the newly repaired Jazz and got a backpack which I tot was Kam's in the first place but later found out that it was mine. I was also fooled by Lace ONG that Lace shen and Lace King is racing on the roads with the father's car.
But later realise that they were playing games = =
Went to eat at changing appetites, which is so fulfilling!
And to lepak at HQ and at 800+ ltr.
LACE ONG determination not to smoke this time is admirable.
Forgot to take photos! If not I can post photos of my crazy lacing team !
Overall, you guys rawks balls !
Celebration with Dixon, Jen, ants and rachel was a hit too.
Its really a hit. Because even before anything. We waited 3 hours at SSDC for my bike lic. Stupid right. SHould have registered online wtf.
Anways was going to eat steamboat at novena but upon reaching there it kills my mood to eat there due to excessive humans beings. Went to PS to have pasta mania instead.
Den to parklane for pool and eventually to this sort of coffe shop in town. Thats the place I had my cake which i forgot to take photos of it. And then 'BEERS'
HAHA in the end Dixon and Jen was drunk. Me and ants have to send them home. Jen spout a lot of nonsense repeatedly LOL.
WOrk hard all of you. Overcome all obstacles in life !
Hope all of you have had fun too !!


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