Friday, October 31, 2008


Haha, like what I said on my tagboard.

I feel like I am preparing for war now.

Tmr schedule
10am - 1015pm [ full shift ] at spring field

11pm - Unknown [ morning ] Supper Club

The next day,
1 pm - 1015pm

The next following morning,
Compile all the information gathered by my groupmates for lap project.

And I have been appointed as a cashier at supper club, tmr would be training for whole night/morning.
Dunno got pay one anot. I miss my sleep just for the training.
I hope theres pay...

For some who think I am crazy or overworking myself. I think I have not reach my limit yet so far.
So dont get too worried.
ps: I noe i am important to all of you. LOL

Ok no time for jokes, lets get down to business.
I dunno what the heck am I doing. But realising my goal is more important then anything else. [ not everything though ]

And the hunks and babes at supper club today really made me 'WOW'.

EIther they all ang mohs,
if not they are some super big size mafia look alikes.
or some sexy asian girls that made me cant stop looking at her. DAM IT.

Well, when the interviewer[an ang moh lady] ask me if I have any knowledge with liquor and stuffs I told them no. BUT, I can learn all of them in a few days. When she ask me to follow the cashier for a 15 min briefing, I feel like just letting my tears. All the tequilla, vodka, liquers , red bottle blue bottle blar blar is making me a bit stress.

And the chasier machine is so complex. When u press on wines, they will branch out, asking u if its a house pour or black label, when u choose one, it branch out to ask if u wan the blue or red bottle or glass or blar blar, after u choose it branch out to standing cus , bench table, then the liquour type, then the names... I guess I this time really siao liao....
SHouldnt have brag so much , dam it...

And I got a big fucking problem here thats giving me a headache.
I wanna quit spring field if supper club hires me. But how to quit. I just join not long and now i wanna quit, according to the staff now i need to work 1 week before quitting. meaning 1 week noticei n advance.

But supper seems like they would ask me to start work anytime when i am approve. I am afraid that if i quit spring field then supper dun hire me = =


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Each day I am getting tired.
After the fight with my mum.

She sought of drop the idea of trying to disapproving me of riding a bike.
Rather she tries to discourage me to do that now.

This morning i overslept, so i skip lecture. And went to have my breakfast in the kitchen.

First thing she said is:

u riding bike alone or with alot of fren.
If with alot of fren v dangerous leis.

Me: aiya a few only
Mum:still v dangerous.....

Me:wont one la, I will v careful one
Mum:you say only, on the road u forgot everything liao.

Me: Okok, but I still gonna ride.
Mum: very ex leis bike, u have to pay alone you know.

Me: of course i know.
Mum: LOSE~

As I went back to slp after my breakfast. Because i was too tired.
Den I overslept for the next tutorial again. CB i chiong out of the hse immeidately lol.
Late for 20 min lidat. But the teacher frenly la, give me chance .

I am bloody happy. Because i simply cannot believe me eyes.


Do you know how fast is that ?

Thats all for the day, gotta work after sch immdiately tmr. Shag.

ps:Rachel to steal my pics and spam me with it on msn.

BETTER DONT ANYHOW SPAM.! ltr zebra come haunt u at night!


YOYOYO, I am back to blog, although tmr got test. Carry 10% of exam and I still haven study.

Thats because I am v happy today. Mum and sis talk to me lol.

When i reach home from work, 11pm++

Mum was in SIs's bed hugging the pillow and chit chatting.

Suddenly they both talk to me =O

Furthermore, i got bubble gums on my table, new shoes from johor bought by mum. LOL

Maybe they thought it through and know how I feel already.

In any case I am exhausted.

Go to school take up 1/3 of a day, work takes another 1/3 of a day. Sleep takes another 1/3 of my day.

Means I will have no time for leisure for now and maybe for a considerable long period of time.

For my bike, I am willing to...
Mum often likes to taunt me to work by saying.
My son 'chi bu qi ku one'
Although she know that from the day I was born out i have been eating ku kua until now. LOL

And now, shes getting worried , seeing that I woke up so early each morning and return home around 11pm++ and does the same the next day.

Now shes asking me question like, arent u tired ?
You tmr got test leis you got time study anot ?
You go school then immediately go work ?
You must get enough sleep .

I push away everything she asked and said ' I'm Fine'

And really I'm fine.
Maybe shes not use to the old me [ TUA PEI KONG]
Sitting infront of my laptop whole day without moving an inch.

other then seeing a cockroah though.... = =

LOLS, I hope my future GF/Wife will not be afraid of cockroach.
If not it will be like how DAD MUM and SIS illustrated.

'Ltr u and ur GF go kai kai hor. SUddenly saw one ka chua. BOth of u stand on the chair.
LOL, but then hor I tell them. If the ka chua is attacking my gf, i confirm ' PA HOR YI SI'

They all went speechless.
SO, I win =DD

ANYWAY, SUntec is really fuck big, today I so thirsty in my shop so i went to carrefour to buy water. I walk like 15 min from my shop to C4. BOTH OSO IN SUNTEC FOR UR INFO!

Then the cashier is like dam slow and the queue is like dam long. SO i spend another 15 min there to buy a stupid H2o. Still ahve to run back to shop in the end, scared my the phillipine maid kpkb. SHould have just drank tap water.

And ya, my manager is a phillipino.
Not only she dunno how to manage people,
everyone dislike her because she really go according to the book.
A good manager can close one eye and still make sure that things run smoothly. So to ensure that everyone is happy working. Thats when they deserved a higher salary.
And the phillipino looks like a maid.
And she speaks poor english.
And she count money dam slow.

Because of her, I always go back late.
Because of her slow hands , puny brain , I go back late.
Its really because of her that I am repeating because of her.

Its not that I am not at all to be blame but its really because of her.

God dammit, for all the above mentioned. I can do at least 3 times better then her lor.
Dunno why the boss wan hire her.

ANYWAY, thats all.
I am happy again ^_^

So bros and frens, dont have to worry for me anymore.
Thanks for all the concern you guys shown and the love that you guys had showered me with.
I am loved again !

ps: LK really has superb memory!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Feeling sucky.

I am feeling totally sucky right now. ANd well I am at home already.

Thanks to Alvin , Jayjee, KC and david ytd. FOr ur consoling and support.
Jay Jee is even prepared to give me his house keys to stay over for a while. Same for Alvin and co.

ANyways, I thought about it. I think I'll return home. And hope that time will heals.

Very sucky , very moody. Dont know what to say.\

Have a good
day everyone...

I shouted at MUM today.

Today is a bad day. Or rather yesterday was a bad day since its already 4.30am now and I am freaking tired.
But I still gotta post this, for my own preference.
So folks i would appreciate if you dont read this post.

But if you did, I have no choice. Just dont comment anything on this. Its for me, myself.

I dont like something personal to be shared with many people. And I probably have nth to write it down now except my blog because I am not at home. And i desperately must type it all down today.

Schools and stuff was bullshit for me today. It was 5pm ++ in the evening and i was playing dota while mum reach home. Handing over to me my busary letter.
There 1.25k refunded after deducting my sem 1 school fees and deposited to Mum's bank account.
After my game I ask about it. She told me she is not going to give it to me since she is jobless now, and dad not taking too much money from uncle.

Mum said it in a way that
'the money was never once yours in the first place tone.'
I felt both upset and disappointed.

Firstly i felt i am being bullied by her.

Secondly i feel sad that she is saying it in that tone.

WHich I personally feel so, maybe mum is not .

ANyway, I got angry. And why ?
This is the main thing I hope mum and sis would understand, though they would not be reading this.

However I shall still say it,

Firstly, Mum doesnt give me any allowance.

Secondly, I wanted a bike since a long time ago, and I have been counting down since 200+ days. I can bet most of my friends know that.

Thirdly, I went down to the NAKS, waited, listened, went up to the stage, took photos. Just to get the 2.5k busaries.
THough its not very noble of me to wait , listen blar blar.

Lastly, whenever I went out with her, I always pay for all the meals and stuff, whenever she needs to borrow money from me, never once did i reject her. Unless I have no money on me.

So I totally feel that its not wrong for me to save up to get a bike for myself. Its a goal, a dream, a fantasy of mine.

And the money from the busaries was part of my agenda to getting a bike.
I am prepared, I know how much will it cost, I know how much more sufferings would I go through. And like I said i am prepared.

Based on the fact that i can rap the expenses out within 10s to Alan outside grassroot club today.
Road tax

And since the quarrel was ignited from the busaries, I guess I will have to say more
I feel that whatever that I put in to do [going down to get the bursary] , it belongs to me.
I feel that i earned it.

ANd this is what sister has misunderstood me. I was angry with her for sending those harsh messages to me where every word hurts me like sharp razors and blades. REALLY...

Anyway, when I say it belongs to me, it doesnt mean that mum canot take it.
Maybe if she say something like,

I am really money tight right now. Can I have the money ?
And let me consider ?

WHat i am trying to say is that, at least respect the fact that the money belongs to me, and allows me to have the opportunity to make the decision.

Not saying something like, you going to get a bike with that money ? I am not gonna give you a single cent.

Thats exactly what Mum said to me =(

SO shes saying that shes not going to
GIVE me a single cent? Shes giving? Isnt it suppose to be mine.?
Its not like i am some stingy bastard or what.

If she give me the respect and/or even ask nicely. I am 99% I will give in.

Never once did I ignored the fact that she is suffering. Suffering for the family. But at the same time, I am too, suffering as well. When she canot bring enough money back to the family.

Never once did I blamed her or dad for the fact that they are not earning enough to give me a better life.

I dare say, NEVER ONCE.!

I just wanted mum to understand my point here,
to understand how I was viewing things at that point of time.
To understand how I feel.

Is it wrong of me to say that ?
I think I was not.

Its not wrong when I '
SAY' that.

Morever I dint SAY it to her.
I shouted at her.!

Thats when I feel guilty.
Thats when I say I was wrong.'
I said alot of unneccessary stuffs to her in a loud voice. I know those words pierces her heart like spears, I know.
But I didnt stop....

So from today onwards, I shall stop using the word gracious on myself.
Until now, I still cannot control my temper. Though I know I am improving.

Maybe I have no guts or whatever but 'I Am Sorry' just seems so difficult to say it out . Probably we dont have this practice in the family.
Its been a long time since I feel like that.

I truely regretted my actions now. Any tears or even an apology will not clear me from my sins.
Therefore I decided, the only way to make up for her. Is to earn more money. And repay her in the future.
But here I assure you mum. I will never shout at you again this lifetime.
And if that is not convincing enough:

I swear I will never shout at my mum again or lightning will strike me, dogs will eat me up and never would my bones be found.

Though I couldnt say sorry to MUM face to face. But I'll say it here.


It doesnt matter whether you could understand my point of view at that point of time or whatever. I agree that I was the one at fault. I was the one who started all this. I accept all the blames and flames. I dont blame you for whichever tone you might use on me or whatever things that happen. I would not blame you again. Thats all I can do for you as a son. I love you MUM.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

2nd posting on same day

Haha, tell me who post twice on the same single day.
Reason is because the previous post is belated post.

Now i shall start with my lifetime journey about today.!

Brenda really motivated me to post more. LOL !
I am so easily motivated wahahaha, thats a good thing orh. =)

Alright so, TODAY,
AS usual, promoting lifebuoy products , just that in different place. In CHua Chu Kang Shop N Save this time round though.

I hate to work in this environment seriously.
All I see everyday is AUNTIE! UNCLE! and all the

SCREAMING BABIES and children!!!

They are really really adorable, but the noise they make is louder then my altec lansing speakers.

No CHIO BU one ley... =(
Now I know already. All the girl next time sure dont know how to cook like rach mum :x
HAHA just giving an example. Dont get offended ehs.

Tmr would be the last day of work. ! I dont know if I were to feel happy or sad.
In any case, this whole week while i was busying playing dota, working, goign to school. I neglected the all time favourite of mine these few days.

The thing that can stimulate my organs, drive me wild, increase my blood flow.....
I guess u guys know what isit already.
HAHA, if not go read my previous post,

LESS den one month to my bday !

Is that still long or short.????

I have been counting right from 200th ++ DAYS.
And now its 20 ++ days.

So I dont care what you think, to me its short.

You must be thinking now why do I ask the question when i dont care.?


ok a bit lame.

Lets carry on with my life journey.

Boboyo and kai came and find me !

Although I got no commission , buut i still feel happy that they supported. Hmm and the products really is not bad one. You all can go try. I bought one for myself too. Very Nice smelling.

Dont buy the green one though , smell like dettol. Unless you are addicted to dettol smell and need to smell it everyday.

After work, we went to lot 1. Ate LJS. Smok-ed...

While smoking..................
Not really TNB.
But really TNB.
LOL, pretty face. =P

Its a nong nong thumb since I see a TNB.
Its a nong nong time. LOl

To Boboyo and Kai, thanks for coming down today.
And hope u like that bodywash you choosen.
If you dont like, come find me tmr. I giive u free 300 ML of the red one =)

Thats all for today. I am off to sleep, gotta work tmr again. Gosh. I am So tired !

Pictures of our Kiasu aunties

Photos are up like i promised. Brenda tag certainly motivated me to do something about my rusty blog. Haha, sadly i cannot take a video or picture of the aunties in act for obvious reason.
Below are just the pictures of what i am trying to illustrate in the previous post. In case anyone doesnt know what the heck am I talking about. And if the pictures below looks like alien to you. Its time you go to the supermarket with your mum. =)

The pile of 'Mix and Match' chicken wings.

And the plastic bag I have been talking about.

The squids, dont know if you all can see the head of the squid anot.

And of course,

Gracious isnt just about complaining ehs.

Here are some random pics.

some are from zforum btw

Self console = =

What an evil girl....

Bought by ONE person, smoked by ONE person, finished it within ONE day.

And this picture has been rotting in my phone for dunno how long. Its time i take it out and share it with everyone. HAHAHAHA, everytime Kelvin called. This is what I see.
Edited by Francis if i am not wrong.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kiasu Singaporeans

Finally, end of my 3 day work at tampines mart. Phew i seldom go to the market in the morning or evening. The market i am referring to means the shop and save in which i work as.
Singaporean indeed had 'WOW' me in a bad way. Not that i want to mention, but especially the aunties.

Singaporean Auntie's Kiasu level is at world class level where nobody can beat. Its incredible. Totally made me feel disgrace for being a Singaporean.

First day to work: Booth, sink , Glo Germ, 4 diff hand wash testers and 144 SAMPLES arrived.
WHen i say samples, it means its free. When i just arrived. Around 2-3 aunties were busying touching my booth and kpoing and kao pe-ing.

Its ok for me as i know everyone has their own curiousity and facts they wanna find out. However what disgusted me was,

I will type it out in a conversation manner.

Auntie1: Wa boy ar, ure this lifebuoy product good anot.

Me: Of cuz la, come have a try.

Auntie1: Not bad leis. [ tells auntie 2 ]

Me: Having promotion for three days, wan get one home for ure family members or yourself.?

Auntie1 & 2 spotted the 144 samples that were on the table.

Auntie1 : GIve me sample go home try first la.

Me: ok, here is one for u , and u [auntie 2 ]

Auntie1 one wer got enough, so small. Dont niao la.

Auntie 1 and 2 then proceed to grabbing the samples as much as their big hands can fill.


I was fucking staring at them while they simply ignore me and keep digging the samples and putting them into their bags, this action was repeated serveral times.

After they left, i counted the samples and found out that i only have 130 samples left.

SMLJ, they are only suppose to take one as instructed by my supervisor/trainer.

They one person take 7 samples back.

~~First Case Closed~~

Nvm, next thing i observe on the third day of work which is yesterday.
The fish section, where it is filled with fishes, sea cucumber, squid etc.
ANother auntie came.........

Auntie: Uncle ar, the squid i dowan the head can anot. [pictures of squid uploaded later]

Uncle: Wa lao cannot la, everybody dowan head we how to sell.

For ur info, the squid were charged by the weight. And normally ppl dowan to buy the head is because its very hard and many people dont liek to eat it.

So this CB Auntie, gei siao look around, touch touch the squid 'WITH HER BARE HANDS'!

Choose around, dig those underneath one then anyhow throw. then cooking vegetables like that. MAJIAM 80% OF ALL THE SQUIDS THERE IS TOUCHED BEFORE BY HER BARE HANDS.!

Then when uncle not looking, she quickly squeeze the squid head out , and put in the plastic bag.

'Then throw the head back to the bunch of squid.'

Little did she know that I am observing every single action of hers that would simply disgust anyone who sees it.

Firstly, who would want to buy the head without the body, people buy squid just to eat the body.

Secondly, Its fuckiing unhygenic to touch the raw squid with bare hands. All the germs all spreaded to the rest of the squid and affect other consumers after that.

Thirdly, it destroys the image of Singaporeans.

I am not done,

This same auntie then proceed to the chicken section, look at the chicken for a while. Raises her head, and saw those rolls of transparent plastic bag. [pictures would be uploaded later]

She started to roll the plastic bag for ten to fifteen seconds. And roll a countless number of plastic bag and roll them into a roll.

She then proceeds tear out ANOTHER plastic bag, to store the 'NUMEROUS BUNCH OF PLASTICS BAG' to bring home , for whatever reasons.

Siao la, plastic bag so cheap oso wan take. Kiasu LIKE FUCK . Like one fucking beggar like that.

~~Second Case Closed~~

Next another auntie come by. Look at the pile of chicken wings. For ppl to choose. [Mix and Match] upload pictures later
And turn her head left and saw the nicely packed of WHOLE CHICKEN costing $5.90 a pack.

the whole of one chicken is packed into a bag and shop and save sell them as a whole.

Probably she dont need so much chicken to cook and dont like the pile of mix and match chicken wings there. SO.....

The auntie simply dismantle the bag of whole chicken.


and put it into a plastic bag. And treat it as if he took the wings of the chicken from the pile of mix and matches.


ps: I think she did that because she thought that the chicken wing from the whole chicken looks bigger and nicer compared to those pile of mix and matches chicken wings.


Plain disgusted by this kind of inconsiderate acts performed by our fellow citizens.

Nyways, lets stop talking about them. Talk about myself.
Off work today, kai come and find me. Good ehs.
Then went back home tgt.
Not bad la, he said on fri he will come find me on sunday,really come.
At least he mean what he say.
Worth mentioning. THUMBS UP!

Then walk around century sqaure, and then took that slow turtle 'bus 969' back home.
The seats all so squeezy. I have been suffering for three days. Now i noe the advantage of shorter legs.
But anyways, I would be getting my own transport soon. 2 months ++ time. =)

Then dota-ed till 2am ++
Gideon called me.
She told me she was with someone I cannot ever predict. LOL

Went out, slacked, played bball for a while and now i am back here blogging. ~

I will continue with my sis theory nexxt post. Remember to remind me =)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

A day at lifebuoy

Tmr will be working at Shop and Save in tampanise mart. Promoting LifeBuoy product..
And next week will be in taka again. Well and then hopefully in springfield.

ITS so funny that I
start work when school is reopening. LOl, have been enjoying myself non stop during the holis. Though some of the days i felt that it was wasted.

Reflecting on it, I have been palying games, wathcing show, going out and everything that isnt constructive at all.
However its ok, I plan this out actually.

And err yea I know that we don't have to plan how to play watch show and do things that are not constructive. The days that i am going to suffer are still long, [school] The period of time that i would be working would be longer [2/3 of my life]

Even after the Os i have been working, therefore I decided to take this holiday to relax and enjoy myself as much as I could, and I did. Seldom do I have to worry about most of the thing. I just sit back relax and enjoy and dont give a dam to anything. 'for a while' [sorry mum]

Nevertheless, due to a flaw in my plan. I am running low on cash, my hard earn-ed savings =( Other then most of my wonderful dinners which i have not tasted for years simply because mum cooked it, she resigned btw. Breakfast and lunch everyday was using my own money. Sometimes even to celebrations or gathering. The most recent example would be sakura on jamesyoyo bday .

Thinking of the lecture notes and other expenses. ESPECIALLY MY BIKE ! I decided to work to recoup my losses. I hereby declare today is the last day of 'relaxation, burdenless and stressless life i would be having'

I would be back to overcome the difficulty and obstacle that I had not overcome and the future that lies ahead of me.

Before i say anything else so 'Wei Da' I am already planning to skip class next friday to go to work. I have even thought of a perfect excuse. HAHA, hopefully Cheong Shadow Fiend [CSF] got fooled.
I dont mean it but i have no choice other then lie to my tutor.

Lastly, I would like to proudly annouce that it is 34 days and 50min to my bday !!! Plz wish me happy bday in advance. !

Like I said. When people ask me whats the hottest/sexiest object/thing on earth right now.

My answer would be : TIME

Time is constantly turning me on. Stimulating every part of my senses. Increasing the speed of my blood flow and CONSTANTLY Driving me wild.

Now you know how HOT is time eh? If u still do not, let me show you.

Its 98663243425785768456948927 Degrees Celcius! heh

Not forgetting that I dont have school every Monday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture for jamesyoyo BIG DAY

Look at their face they cant wait to drink that chawanmushi UP!

Yea thats the one James, no doubt.


Nono shes not tiptoeing :]

Lovely Annette ^_^

And i close my eye just when it was snap.
Whose fault?
Cameraman's fault
lol, *runs away*

Faster take leis, this shot confirm wont blink.=)

Greetings Kelvin _l_

Family Photo !



Hehs, alrights. As mentioned in my Cbox[tag board]

I will post when i feel like it. And right now I am really feeling like it.

First of all, I wanna share the night we had with our w young man, James and Boboyo [ DI ]

Secondly, I wanna vent my anger on the stupid hotmail. I hope its hotmail and not my computer.

I was so dam pissed with it. I was trying to open up the mail ann has sent to me for three days.


For three days , my failed me.

THIS IS CRAP, TOTALLY BULLSHIT. I tried logging into my previous mail and the same problem persist.

It totally exasperated me. REALLY!

But anyway, i given up after three days of vigorous clicking on my mouse due to anger and frustration on my stupid mails. Ann had send the pics to my gmail. =)

Gmail is better !

Back to the Big day i mention. The two young gentleman , both that is born in the same day [ unlucky ] :x

Shared Joy and laughter on the same day , as well as suffering on the same day.

You know why they will suffer? BECAUSE THEY KNOW ME.

If you still don't know this world news, let me tell you.

They took part in the Singapore Fear Factor Championship league in 2nd October 2008.

They drank the world most digusting, most erotic thing they can ever imagined.

Presenting to u the '5B1 self made chawanmushi' !

Haha, the pictures will tell you all about it later.

The whole story cut short is, we went to sakura to eat, after a while we decided to pull a prank on them. Like mixing eggs with chilli with wasabi with ice cream. The other one was with satay sauce with oyster shell with lemon with coke , lemon juice , sarsi and loads more. Two special delicacies prepared by me and my bros.

Although they have two choices but we gave them three options . To drink the first world most digusting drink or to drink the 2nd most disgusting egg OR TO GET WALLOP BY US all. 12 punches each. Cnnt say 18 punches, scared ltr tmr must go funeral. LOL

Obviously, they choose to drink. And from now on , the pictures shall do the talking