Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long time no blog

Its funny, just when its the start of holiday , i stop to blog. isnt holiday suppose to make me blog more often. well anyways, i forgot about my health and play like mad. ton like 4-5 days in a row and having my meals at irregular times and drink all sorts of liquids. Been to all sorts of places.
Places like , Fareer road mac , amk mac , bishan , sunrise , spring side , toa pa yoh , gland, Yishun Dam , Devil's span , woodlands , and of cuz my home.

Just a few days and look at the number of places i have been with insufficient sleep and vitamins. Its no surprise i will get sick. My mum has been pestering me to see a doctor since the first night i started coughing like mad. Disrupting her sleep. I kept rejecting her suggestion of looking up for a doctor. However until today i am still sick. I shall stand strong. I know i am not that weak. I always recover from sickness by myself and i dont need any doctors or wadever.

Overall i still hate the idea of being sick. U get cold for no reasons. U cough ure lungs out and ure head hurts like theres no tomorrow. This kinda burning sensation in ure throat u get when u cough for a few days is priceless and hard to come by. So i shall enjoy this sensation before its gone LOL.

Anyway thats all about it, hope everyone of u have fun out there

Friday, August 22, 2008

Exams are over !

Today is definitely the most relieved and happy day i ever had.
GUESS WAD? END OF MY EXAMINATIONS ! Start of my holiday.

I know alot of ppl who are in higher nitec or sec sch or even ppl in Temasek Poly must be cursing me right now. HAHA but too bad, Life is like that.

Maybe next time will be ure turn to laugh at me. Maybe ^_^

ANYWAY, went to eat the botak jones. Was told by boboyo that they served huge portion there. Went there and found out that the portion is no different as compared to my school. Okay maybe a lil bigger...

Anyway, had a fulfilling dinner and went to easst coast to celebrate fu lin bdae. Then the blur thomas and nelson went to have rounding on their bike. WTH la, although they din notice.

But i feel that they are teasing me, I felt humilated. I just cant stand the sound of Motorbike engines. I CANT STAND IT.

When i get MY BIKE, i am pretty sure i will put a viagra into my oil tank to make it stand.

And then i will bring her to see the world. LOLS .

Went back and have dota with 'MYM' TEAM. lols.


next time dun jio u anythign liao. I am one freaking petty shyt . ';..;'

ANYWAY WE OWN LIEK MAD FIRST ROUND, lose the 2nd . Its been a long time since i lose DAM IT. was a close match la wtf. Nah i will prefer to say my com was laggy at that point of time. And seriously really got spike.
And i have liek guinsoo,blink and flask to click on ....
And i use mouse to click wtf. Not familiar with laptop buttons.


Anyway i find this video my elder sis show me funny and i am goign to watch this movie ahha
I admit i am noob, i dunno how to post the video directly LOL. Have a look guys its cool haha


I notice that alot of ppl have been viewing my blog and NOT TAGGING ! DAM IT ! PLZ TAG B4 U LEAVE

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here comes the exciting part of the night. Its the first time i ever sat on a 380 horsepower turbo charged car.....
Kopi's WRX.
Though i dont even know who is he but its very nice of him to lend his car to his fren and very nice for him to allow strangers to sit on his car.

Lets me briefly describe the features on his car.

-3 delphi meter [ if i am not wrong ]
-carbon fibre bonet
-lighten doors
-kopi O windscreen LOLS.

WELL, lets begin the wonderful story of this wonderful car WRX 380hp

That eg9 guy, Jeremy was driving that wrx when i was in it.
First gear , floored accelerater. Delay time was long until around 4.5k rpm


WTF , my whole body was like attached to the seat as i see the rpm meter cleared in 1 second.

Second Gear, my whole body have a huge jerk when the gear was changed, AND THEN again, floored accelerater. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOMMMMM. Stick to the seat =.=

Its not because of my light weight. Its because of the huge power. Although the lagg time was freaking long before the turbo kick in. But its still powerful lar wtf.

I think with that kinda force and if we were to kena accident. I CONFIRM DIE.

I think , now i am in love with wrx. After counting the number of turbo charged cars around that price. Not some exotic cars like ferrari.
There is only a few, below are the few i know

-Colt version R
-And one more which is discussed ytd i forgot.

THATS ALL for the night folks. !

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here i am . BACK to post. End of my 2nd last paper. Feel so dam relieve now. hehs was mugging like shyt over the past few days. Mug until i headache, neck ache , back ache and eye sore.

Well, what about the return in exchange of all these?
Definitely not my results!

Because i have been super last min. One day before every paper i study. Its so dam taxing to my brain alright. I am ke lian ok....

Alright, soooooo the reward was.... LOVE FROM MY FAMILY MEMBERS =)

Its been a long time since i felt their love. My sis massage me that night , paste medical plasters on my back and shoo me off to sleep with the nice smelling "dunno wad isit called"
Those liquid that u burn on a special stand to soothe headache and relieve stress to give u a better sleep.
Indeed, i have a great sleep. The next morning went to take my stats paper, came back is aw my mum has cooked some 'bai mu er' thing for me, bought me the liang cha ^_^

Due to the fact i am not feeling at my best, i got their love.

Except my dad, silent as always. Acting ignorance. However its ok , i know it guys had a harder time expressing their feelings. I know he still loves me [ self console -.- ]

NYWAYS THATS ALL. I have throughly forgotten what has happen the past few days and i dun even wanna think about it


Morale of the story:I hate to admit but i still have to advise, nv study last min...


Saturday, August 9, 2008


Dont have to Blog about today since i wake up at 5pm in the evening. Lets talk about ytd. Last day of school. Well feeling excited happy and scared at the same time. Happy because its the last day but since exams are coming i felt abit scared lol. Met Francis, went to buy HIS FKING PANTS. He was so crap sway lor.

Went to MS Topman , cnnt find his pants.
Went upstairs, to the shop he knew has his pants, WAS CLOSE DOWN ! [no business]
i was telling him , maybe that shop need any 30 bucks or so then wont close down liao. Who ask him dont buy earlier. Save the trouble and save the shop.
We went back to the TopMan , both of us saw a shirt quite nice. We wanna buy together BUT since there is only one size S , only one of nus could get it. HE cope one lor. aiya nvm give him buy ltr he cry.

NEXT, to bugis, SAW ALOT OF CHIO BU ALONG THE WAY BTW. and some stupid useless ah beng lols, That top man again, OUT OF STOCK ! Fine went to bugis street. heaty like shyt still cant fin dhis dam pants.

NEXT, to orchard TOPMAN. NOW guys, GUESS WAD!?
Well , blame it all on his pants, we wasted half a day searching for it. BLAST HIS PANTS !

Went home , wanting to dota with jason and co. AND HE MADE ME WAIT LIKE 45 MINS FOR THAT DAM FKING GAME. Not pai sei one hor u JASON HENG JOHNSON. lols, well worth the wait,. We WOn !!! YAY, But they did well too la of cuz.

aFTEr that dota game, went out to meet vin and his NEW CAR. HONDA JAZZ. His dad dowan him drive fast car, so sell away the previous Eg9. Aye , cant hear the sound of Vtec engine anymore. but nvm can hear his FKING POWDERFUL GODLY IMBA CLUBBING SOUND SYSTEM IN HIS CAR SOON right !?
And his green neon with HID ! woots IMBA car. Oh Taken some pics too, will post asap. Its not in my phone lol.

Went to see got any tiong cia in Yishun Dam anot. Wa lao quite alot leis. Cuz its PA YUE PA HAO! The Tiong cia day ^_^

Anyway proceed to pasir ris after that, pua kiao at Fu Lin's frens hus. Which majiam like no ppl lidat. around 9-10 of us. At there play until 5-6am. So tired, wen back to slp. AND THAT EXPLAINS why I'll slp till 5pm today. LONG DAY BUT quite fulfilled. =)

TAKKAIRE Fellow creatures!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008




The photos i have been waiting for have been sent to me at last. thru email. And its 15 emails in total. I wonder why gina dun wanna zip them. I copy until my hand abit ruan now. LOLS

Well , was thinking of changing my blog skin , But then so trouble some.. Must re- do everything. Hais not very good at this, myabe i shall wait a bit more till i am pro-er at these first or someone out there help me :x

Ok la i know i am asking for too much , anyway the photos are up and i feel that charlene got character LOLS! And as usual sheng dude tried to molest me and touch me all around. And see the F4 down there left me out for the family photo. Still dare smile until so happy. ALL of them weak drinker and like to talk big ESPECIALLY JAMES.. LOLS, talk so much. vomit after 2-3 cups . NOOB SHYTTTTT
Btw, i starting to hate zion player each day, either their wire jiap sa la peng or they are just plain retards. Some get so FUCK arrogant when they are winning and some just cnnt admit that they said sth earlier.
The story, me and a retard player. I killed him once , he killed me once. when we both were lvl 6
Me: Eh guys , isit me who is experiencing spikes or everyone else ?
Retard player: Aiya tio own already want find excuse.
[And wtf , i was like died one time only ? ]
Me:Eh, i just askign only right . And i was like died one time only, lidat call tio owned?
TeamMates: Eh, ignore him la, idiot player. Later own him hard.
Me: OK
Lvl 16......
i own him hands down with a frag of 16: 1
Me: Eh , now what. Tio own ar i ? KUM URE DAD LJ LAR
Me: u said that when we were lvl 6\
Retard player: Eh , ur eye spoil or ure english fail ?! When did u see me type those two words TIO OWNED?!
FOR FUCK SAKE, I HATE THIS KIND OF PPL CAN, Firstly his stand of argument is totally not valid . And he talk totally likes a retard. Secondly, as far as i know 'TIO OWNED' IS DEFINITELY NOT ENGLISH WORDS. TIO IS hokkien and only owned is english. And tio owned is definitely is not english, its a term and its used only in games MOFO sonnawabitch BASTARD child. HIS MOTHER CB GOT ANTS [ boboyo quote of the year ]
I totally feel like i got owned even when i have a frag of 16:1 =.=
FOR FUCK SAKE PPL who are reading my post. Dont be such people ok. Live ! Live with intergrity. Dont live like someone like him, if u are unsure or forgot what you just said. DONT SAY YOU DIDNT SAY THAT. UNLESS YOU ARE DEAD SURE another mother fucker is accusing u !

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After school today we went to watch money not enough 2
Well, was quite funny and touching in the end.
Hmm thinking about how they treat their mum in the end i was wondering how many peeps out there would treat their mum like this. Like send them to old folks home etc. If it was due to some understandable reasons it can still be forgiven.

Anyway, after that went home played a few match of dota and GOT OWNED. Wtf, those arrogant players really got their head held up too high. They think they can wine very match eh? I think i can pawn them 1v1 clean and easy. ARGH, got so sad that those players out there dont practice humblism. ALL ARROGANT RETARDS ! And it totally spoil my mood to carry on playing. Got so bored so went out to meet Alvin.

Went to Yishun Dam talk cock a while den went to his house. My god he was telling me to like throw away the spare ciggarrettes which my box could not fit in. Haas in the end still smoke up all the extras one before returning to his house. Ate mac on his roof top and here i am blogging LOL. Not going to sch tmr but still have to wake up early . CAUSE he have to go to sch. TOO BAD. for him and me

thats all folks

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ytd after celebrating Charlene's bday,which i dont know whether is a celebration or not int he first place. Lets assume it is, we went to eat ichiban sushi which is EX la. When the bill comes, all of us paid and there is this stupid GST 7% and the bloody idiotic service charge of 10% WHICH ADDS UP TO 17%

FOR GOD SAKE, 17% extra charges for nothing.. TOTALLY NOTHING. Anyway proceed to kel's house afterwards, play some poker tricks on them and taught them in the end la.

SEE, i am just so nice, during that time kel took out a quarter filled vodka,forgot the flavour. Red Red one and he was busy setting up the Mahjong table.
However at that point of time i dont feel like playing mahjong. Should say i am not very good at it and dont find any enjoyment while playing.

Therefore we proceed to drinking that quarter filled red vodka. With one pathetic bottle of 7 UP which they drink when they are thirsty. Its only half filled when we started drinking.
Initially we started off with mixing the 7UP till i feel that there is not enough left.

SO, I suggested drinking NEED. TO MY SURPRISE, ANNETTE AND CHARLENE AGREED WITHOUT MUCH CONSIDERATION. Of course me, who gave the idea do not have the time to back out. So we carried on drinking and we finish it. Opened another new bottle of mango bottle. NEED all the way, in the end left 1 quarter LOLS. Got really really seh lar, and made a commotion at kel hse. But i still can think. WELL , lets not talk about it. Strangely when i wake up today i dint get any hangover. Maybe i am a professional drinker by now LOL .
SO next time anyone wanna drink call me up yea. HOWEVER, its your treat =)

WOKE UP found out that everyone has left and kelvin lying at the big bed alone. Didnt wanna wake him up so i went home alone thinking that i gotta study my EXCEL but end up playing dota until now still haven study.

THATS ABOUT IT. I am really going to study for tmr exams. I DONT WANNA REPEAT MODULE. DARN the teacher old virgin cum 'ms soo look alike'

Happy bday again charlene, hope u had fun.